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Best GRE coaching

Before we discuss the Best GRE Coaching, let’s delve deeper into what GRE is.

Know Everything about GRE :

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a standardized assessment test to gauge whether a student is fit for a Graduate Program in various Graduate schools across the USA.

GRE is also accepted by Graduate Schools across various other nations, such as Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia

In fact Scholarships for the prestigious Graduate programs across all these nations have GRE as a prevalent deciding factor. These Scholarships cover up to 100% of the tuition fee of a student.

This exam measures a student’s basic abilities in math, reading and essay writing.

There is a fee of $205.00 to take the GRE.

The GRE Test Pattern has three sections- Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The total duration of the GRE is 3 hours 40 minutes.

The complete pattern of GRE test is as follows :

Section No. of Questions Time Duration
Analytical writing assessment 2 –

(1 Issue Essay and 1 Argument Essay.)

30 minutes for each Essay
Quantitative Aptitude – 2 Sections 20 questions in each section 35 minutes for each section
Verbal Ability – 2 section 20 questions in each section 30 minutes for each section
Research Section/Experimental Section Could be QA or Verbal Section – 20 Question Varies

GRE scaled scores vary from 260-340.

For Verbal, the scaled scores vary from 130-170

For Quant, the scaled scores vary from 130-170

Analytical writing assessment has a separate grading or 1-6, in increments of 0.5.

Best GRE coaching

Mentors at AptiGuide Jalandhar had been involved in training students for GRE Examination for the past 8 years. We have a question database of more than 5000 GRE level questions in 500+ Pages of Printed Material.

GRE Coaching Highlights at AptiGuide Jalandhar :

  • A 150 + hours Comprehensive program.
  • Practice of the Questions from all the major GRE Prep Books.
  • 15+ Full-Length Mock Tests and Access to more than hundreds of questions online/offline
  • Special Vocabulary Sessions covering all the high-frequency words tested in GRE using Visual and Root words techniques.
  • Discussion of content and questions from Official Guide.
  • Support for writing SOPs and interviews.
  • Special Workshops for Weak students
  • Audio/Visual aids to enhance learning experience
  • Anytime and anywhere doubt clearing through various media.

For Best GRE coaching in Jalandhar, contact us.

Book a Free Demo class at +91-7009733841

To know more about GRE test and to register for GRE test, visit this website.

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GRE Coaching is one field which is extensively explored by the students residing not only in Jalandhar but in nearby areas of the district as well. Fetching high scores at GRE is a dream of many aspirants who aim to continue with their graduate courses in much talked about institutes of America. Millions of students residing in different corners and countries of the world attempt for scoring well in GRE. Scores of GRE are readily accepted all over the world for varied masters, and doctoral degrees in different fields of the business schools, law institutes, and MBA programs.

Gre coaching
GRE coaching is at an ever-increasing demand. Scholars want to be fully prepared and equipped with tools of knowledge and skill before they sit for GRE. They are at an ever increasing pace to earn good scores and get an entry ticket into courses of their choice in the institutes of their dream. There is no age bar for the scholars appearing for GRE. The only requirement is that candidate must have fully completed undergraduate courses. Some universities as well some courses exclude the condition of GRE scores requiring candidates to have clean hands on criteria for admission.

Gre Coaching
GRE coaching has one best provider Aptiguide. It has a uniquely designed curriculum which helps the learners to cater to the distinguishable syllabus of Graduate Record Examination. The institute serves each student distinctively and individually. The approach followed for teaching the scholars in APtiguide is comprehensive and detailed. Faculty of the institute is proficient in handling the learning aptitude of the students. The methodology adopted by the faculty is flexible enough to match to the need and capability of students. GRE has two branches General and Subject specific. Aptiguide covers both the aspects of GRE examination in full details. Aptiguide gaining momentum with coming times so is the syllabus and faculty of Aptiguide. Experienced staff members regularly update the testimonials, and mock drills to make learners have hands-on changing structure and pattern of GRE. Staff members of the institute have personally cleared the competitive examinations which help them to empathize with students at tough times and find way out to their hurdles. Teachers turn into trainers and mentors to relate to the learners and get them through the pressure of clarifying the exam. Every single doubt is simplified, clarified and explained leaving no chance of confusion.

Gre Coaching
For GRE coaching, there is no other institute better than Aptiguide. The institute has high success score. Students of the institute have made a name not only in the nation but abroad as well. Some have been able to seek admission in the reputed colleges while others after excelling in the field of knowledge have successfully hit the work profiles. Also, the location of the institute facilitates the students from all the adjoining areas of Jalandhar and other districts.

SCO – 2, 2nd Floor, Crystal Plaza Market, Near PIMS
Choti Baradari Part – 1, Jalandhar, Punjab – 144001
website: https://www.aptiguide.in
Email: info@aptiguide.com

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