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BBA stands for bachelors in business administration and this is a three years degree for all undergraduates and this makes students highly advanced and active in business world. All most all the colleges in India provide with this degree as this degree holds values of business. Lakhs and lakhs of students opt for this degree and it contains six semester for six months each. This degree provides lots of opportunities to students who wants to pursue their career in business fields.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate course offered by both government and private institutions across the country.

Following are few of the Entrance Examinations that help you to gain admission in the Topmost BBA Colleges across India

BBA Coaching Highlights at AptiGuide Jalandhar:

  • Study Material comprising of 10 books

  • Printed 240+ tests comprising about 6000+ questions.

  • Exhaustive National Level Test Series and sectional tests to cover each and every BBA Entrance Exam.

  • Detailed analysis of each test with student analytic reports and Benchmarking.

  • Personality Development and Personal Support Sessions, right from the beginning of the course.

  • Individual attention to each and every student.

  • Interview support for Christ, Symbiosis, IPM, DU and others, right from the beginning of the course.

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